Chris Wylie — Employee Benefit Consultant, B. Comm., CFP®


Bill Sommer — Employee Benefits Consultant – CFP®

With our extensive experience and knowledge of the benefit industry we assist you in designing a cost effective benefit program that meets the needs of your company and employees.


Jennifer and Melony — Group Service Specialists

We are available to assist you with any of your group benefits needs ranging from status of claims to filling out forms, please contact our office.

  • Provide information on all Traditional Policy and Cost Plus claims, HCSA maximums, & Preauthorization’s
  • Assist with policy coverage, drug card inquiries, and billing breakdowns
  • Out of Country Claims
  • Employee enrollments, terminations, & coverage changes
  • Assist with online PBI access
  • Provide Travel Insurance to group members
  • Assist with form completion and the status of life/disability claims

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Krysta – Administrative Assistant

I, most likely, will be the first voice you hear when calling ProBenefits Inc.  I am responsible for questions and concerns pertaining to your health, dental and vision benefits.  I always strive to assist our clients with quality support.

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